Kelsi's Essence

Photographers word of advice: always have a back up plan
So I asked Kelsi (so last minute) if I could photograph her, I ended up capturing 88 shots in a 3 minute time frame. had a blast. At first I felt so bad for getting to her so late, but she is one of the people I always wanted to photograph and now I finally get too. I pulled out my camera and snapped away, and I ended up loving all the photos (of course). I was suppose to capture her essence and her style, her true self. I believe I did. Enjoy


Essence: andre

I never met someone that had a strong love of "cooking", and it's more than a hobby. It's a talent he has, it's his passion and I had to capture it. I went to his line and he suggested it be good to capture him while he is cooking, but I didn't have my camera on me, so after soaking up what he said, I went back to my room to grab my camera (glad I did) here are a few shots I captured. He is pro, I guarantee.


Kaziah G.

I had a joy of photographing Gardinia. She seriously melts my lens on my camera cause she is a natural. We explored certain parts of our campus and who knew we would find some areas that went perfect with the clothes and look we were going for.